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The Power of the New Moon, Ancient Cacao Ceremonies, and Ecstatic Dancing Returns to Belgrade’s Silos

ADA Cacao ceremony

Following the initial New Moon Ecstatic Cacao event, which garnered substantial acclaim from attendees, Ada Divine Awakening and EXIT Festival are set to usher in another New Moon and ecstatic dance evening at Belgrade’s Silos on November 12th as part of the three-day Belgrade Takeover event. The unique sense of liberation that the ADA experience brings will again envelop this distinctive venue by the Danube. The evening promises to be infused with the aroma and flavor of Guatemala’s finest, purest cacao, known for its ability to elevate life energy and open the heart. Coupled with meditation and ecstatic dance that liberates the mind and body, the intention behind the New Moon Ecstatic Cacao event is to ignite a new spark. This spark aims to bestow attendees with enhanced vitality, a sense of fulfillment, self-satisfaction, and the self-awareness necessary for personal growth in every facet of life. 

On Sunday, November 12th, starting at 5 p.m., the unique magic of the ADA community will once again grace the Belgrade Silos. The evening will commence with Ksenija Lea Ronai leading the ancient Cacao ceremony, an essential prelude to the ensuing state of complete peace and freedom that the rest of the program promises each visitor. In many cultures, the cacao plant is considered sacred, with its drink often referred to as the “food of the gods.” It’s believed to possess mystical and transformative qualities that bridge the physical and spiritual beings. This elixir is said to open the heart and forge a connection to higher states of consciousness.

The musical program is split into two distinct segments, each meticulously chosen to nourish the spirit in its unique way. Attendees will first be immersed in almost hymnal singing with the Bhakti band, complemented by the soft and soothing voice of the enchanting Lava. The ancient melodies of Bhakti yoga combined with modern sounds are an experience in themselves, fully drawing the audience into a unique universe – a state of consciousness beyond oneself and one’s limitations.

The second part of the evening is dedicated to ecstatic dance, whose power leads to the very zenith of life’s energy on a journey to self-discovery, boundless freedom, and connection with the world surrounding each of us. Dictating the beats and melodies will be DJ Human Rias, a member of the EXIT family known for wearing his heart not on his sleeve but on his DJ booth, and the wonderful Yelisaveta, a DJ and pianist whose energy reaches incredible heights. The evening will conclude with Temple Night, a safe space for fostering and realizing connections between attendees.

Throughout its three-year existence, the Ada Divine Awakening festival has gathered a loyal tribe of individuals driven by a desire to live more genuinely, more happily, and more wholesomely. Transformation is the fundamental mission of the Ada Divine Awakening retreat, and its power has been demonstrated time and again through the experiences of devoted attendees who return and send love throughout the year. Like any family, the ADA community warmly welcomes new members, and the New Moon Ecstatic Cacao event is the perfect stepping stone toward unity in freedom, peace, love, and understanding.

Three events will take place as part of the EXIT Belgrade Takeover weekend. Setting the tone will be the unique and enigmatic masked DJ and producer, Boris Brejcha, with his performance at the Main Hangar of the Port of Belgrade on Friday, November 10th. The very next day, the Main Hangar will be electrified by a Saturday night fever with DJ duo Artbat and Adana Twins, who, supported by local talents, promise an unforgettable No Sleep experience for the most devoted ravers. The third event of the grand Belgrade Takeover, offering a much-needed grounding experience in Belgrade’s Silos, will be the New Moon Ecstatic Cacao, crowning a weekend filled with music, dance, and unforgettable moments with friends.

Tickets for the entire New Moon Ecstatic Dance experience are available for 2,290 dinars or 1,290 dinars for the ecstatic dance only – a 50% discount compared to the final price. Tickets can be purchased at Gigs Tix physical outlets and online store. The current ticket price will be valid until midnight on November 3rd