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COVID-19: Are there any restricions when entering and exiting Montenegro?

Please find all the measures regarding coming and going back to your country following this link:

Visa to Montenegro –

COVID-19: How can I be sure that the Ada Divine Awakening festival is Covid free?

Ada Divine Festival organizers are among the first that already held festivals of a major scale, under a carefully created protocol that made sure that festival-goers are well-protected from the global pandemic. The protocol was simple yet effective: You need to provide a document that confirms that you are either fully vaccinated or that you were infected and cured of Covid-19 in the past 6 months. If neither of these was the case, the festival organizers cooperated with labs where you were able to take a rapid Antigen test at.

COVID-19: What happens if the festival is rescheduled for the next year due to epidemic reasons?

You will be able to save your purchased package for the festival and attend on rescheduled dates next year.
You will be able to submit for and get a full refund.

Where can I sleep at Ada Divine Awakening?

In the standard accommodation there are single, double and triple rooms with a bathroom and terrace, an air-condition system, a TV and a mini refrigerator. Rooms and bathrooms are all renovated, with new furniture.
In the Beach Front accommodation there are single, double and triple rooms. They are located on the beach in building constructions which form the shape of clusters. The hexagonal rooms dispose of a double bed and a sofa which can be used for sleeping, a big wardrobe with shelves and a bathroom. All rooms are air-conditioned, there is a fridge, a TV and a terrace.

Book your stay and check out the offerings on our Packages page.

Our client service is also at your disposal for any help and inquiries.
Email: [email protected]

How do I get to Ada Divine Awakening?

Which airports to use to get to/from the Ada Divine Awakening?

From your starting point, the closest airports to Ada Divine Awakening (Ada Bojana, Crna Gora) are the two airports in Montenegro: Podgorica airport, 86km or 1.5 – 2 hours away; and Tivat airport, 100km or around 2 hours away.

Tirana airport is in Albania, different country, 131km or around 2 and half hours away.

Belgrade has good connections with Tivat and Podgorica airports. The Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla in Serbia is about 35-45 minutes of flight to Montenegrin airports.

Does Ada Divine Awakening organize shuttle service from surrounding airports?

No, we offer the following options:



The closest and biggest train station in the area is location in Bar, Montenegro.


Red Taxi

  • Airport Podgorica – Bar – approx. 30€
  • Airport Podgorica – Ulcinj – approx. 45€
  • Airport Podgorica – Tivat – approx. 40€

City Taxi

  • Airport Podgorica – Bar – approx. 30€
  • Airport Podgorica – Ulcinj – approx. 45€
  • Airport Podgorica – Tivat – approx. 50€

Taxi Podgorica

  • Airport Podgorica – Ada – Bojana approx. 65€
  • Airport Podgorica – Bar – approx. 40€
  • Airport Podgorica – Ulcinj – approx. 55€
  • Airport Podgorica – Tivat – approx. 55€

When does Ada Divine Awakening start and when does it end?

The festival starts on September 15th and it ends on September 20th.

More info on the check-in and check-out will be provided in the following months.

What are my meal options during the festival?

Since food is not included in the ticket price, it is important you buy a food voucher on our official website under packages – you can choose between the full board or half board.

Healthy, nutritious vegetarian and pescatarian food with lactose-free, gluten- free, and vegan options will be made available to support the work that we are doing. The venue sources produce from organic suppliers. We will introduce fresh Mediterranean fish specialties a few times during the festival.

Wherever possible, we strive to use the most natural ingredients available, with an emphasis on sustainability, organic produce, and local sourcing.

What should I bring with me?

Daily average temperatures in September are about 26°C (79°F), highs reaching up to 30°C (86°F) and lows plummeting to about 18°C (64°F) during the night. The temperatures do drop a little bit at night, so bring a jacket. We will be sitting on the floor, dancing, moving, breathing, so wear loose, comfortable clothes that you feel good in.

  • A sarong/lunghi or robe
  • A blanket and a mosquito repellent (there is an hour or two after the sunset when they get really wild. Other time of the day they are not present in the area.
  • A least one single sheet for massage sessions (1 essential, ideally 2)
  • A yoga mat for morning yoga
  • A journal/notebook and pen
  • Special back support if you need it
  • A water bottle
  • A fun/sexy outfit for dressing up in something that makes you feel good
  • Any medications you need to take

What should I expect at the festival?

More info on what to expect each day will be provided soon! Stay tuned!

What else should I know? Are there any restrictions?

  • It is not allowed to take pictures during workshops, night events and temple nights. We will have our site photographer and will introduce him to you during Opening Ceremony. Feel free to let him know if you don’t want to be in the pictures at any time during the Festival.
  • Everything that is happening at the Festival is strictly confidential and we invite you to keep yours and others experiences and process within the Festival tribe during and after the Festival.
  • We invite you to be offline as much as possible during the Festival. Mobile phones will not be allowed in the workshop spaces.

Is it possible to attend the festival only for one day?

No. The festival’s concept is all about the full journey of transformation so we don’t offer tickets per day or per performance.

Is there any cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy:

  • 50% cancellation fee / up to 90 days before the arrival date,
  • 60 % cancellation fee / between 44-30 days before the arrival date,
  • 70 % cancellation fee / between 29-20 days before the arrival date,
  • 80 % cancellation fee / between 19-15 days before the arrival date,
  • 90 % cancellation fee / between 14-10 days before the arrival date,
  • 100 % cancellation fee / between 5-0 days before the arrival date or during the stay