Where Tantra Meets Abundance – Money Ritual

Kundalini Tantra Yoga

Belly2Belly Relational Breathing Meditation

Morning Yoga with Arijana Aska

Mantra Chanting with Arijana Aska

Bahakti – Tantric Journey for Couples

Relationship as an Evolutionary Path

Healing Session with Humita Premiela

Kundalini Rising Ritual Couples

Own Your Desires

Awaken Your Superpowers and Live a Life of Love

Sonalle LaMariposa Sessions

Jennifer Joy Mittens – SSS Healing Session

Dolores Prodan Workshops sa Gestalt Therapy by Dolores Prodan

Human Design Readings with Billy White, Human Design Analyst

Kathrin Steiner – Massage

Mirjana Gnjatić – Massage

Nada Yoga

Awakening the Inner Queen

What Is Sexual Shamanism and What Is It Good For?

Sex and the Universe: Black Holes in the Cosmos and Your Body

Owning the Darkness

The Sexual Timeline

The Practice of Authentic Movement

Tantric Contact Improvisation

Primitive Expression

OMG! Divinity in Motion

Awakening the Sacred Feminine – The Goddess Tripura Sundari

Seduction x Radiance

Yoni Tantric Massage and the Multi Orgasmic Woman

Yoni Massage Session

Mai-Tri Method Sessions 1 to 1

Water Flow – Liquid Light

Breath Therapy – Way Of Mastery

The Light Beyond

Awakening – Yoga Nidra

Born Into Abundance – Yoga Nidra

Divine Sensual Movement

Sensual Awakening

Conscious Dancing

Cacao Ceremony

Chakra Puja Ritual

Body as Temple

Connecting to Your Inner Fire – (Haka Kamate)

Brotherhood – The Multiorgasmic Man