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Best Kept Secret

There is a sacred place on Planet Earth that is known just to the lucky ones. A Yoni-like triangle that was birthed from the freshest river pouring ecstasy to the ever present ocean holding space for Her.

Her name is Ada Bojana

This triangle island has positioned itself looking at the most stunning sunsets completely isolated from the rest of the World.

Few decades ago brave hearts of the Balkans decided to build a naturist camp that will celebrate freedom, love and expression in its full potential.

Ada’s Beach Houses welcoming and greeting the Sun every day make this location truly remarkable.

Allow yourself to receive Ada’s magic as she is here to hold space for wherever you are and support you to dive deeper in where you want to be.

Story about Ada The Goddess

We are proud to have the honor to share the story about the achievements, pains, strengths, and the POWER of Ada Bojana.

Ada Bojana is a naturist resort located on an island with the same name.

In 1972 – life in the Balkans was rough and the system of society was shaped in the way that men held the power and women were largely excluded from it. These dynamics brought a lot of shaming and guilt around sexuality and expression. Still, in that year, the bravehearts of the Balkans built Ada Bojana resort.

Ada Bojana, as the first naturist resort in the Balkans, went through different phases while committing to bring love and equality to this land, with supporting freedom of expression, both for men and women.

Back in the 70’s in the Balkans, to have a resort supporting freedom to express, or that is clothing optional, was super brave and a little crazy!

In 1986 a movie called “The beauty of Vice” was filmed at Ada Bojana island and resort.

The reason why this movie was completely revolutionary for that decade and why it sold 870 000 cinema tickets was because it showed the brutal ways of life in the karst of Montenegro compared with the freedom, love and equality that Ada Resort promoted in that time.

Ada is still there today and we are proud to organise the first Conscious & Intimacy Festival on the land that has so much to say, and that has kept holding points for love, freedom and equality for decades even in the time when it had no support for that.

We see this land as a Goddess in it’s full power to make cultural change and inspire divine feminine qualities in all of us!

Ada The Goddess offers three elixirs for us to break through the conditioning of patriarchal ways – She offers GRATITUDE, VULNERABILITY and INTIMACY as a Medicine to heal our internal and external environment.

Ada Divine Awakening Festival will be creating community spaces at this land to hold space for The Goddess to feel free to bring her Power to everyone – the Power of Love.