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Ada Divine Awakening Festival Concludes with a Stellar Musical Performance and a Two-Ton Beach Cleanup

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As the sun set, accompanied by organic Guatemalan cacao and a captivating performance by leading conscious musician Mose, the third edition of the Ada Divine Awakening Festival came to a close. The festival, yet again, gathered over 500 attendees from 40 countries around the globe. Over five transformative days, participants delved deep into self-discovery, enhanced their partnerships, became more mindful parents, advanced their careers, and gained control over their emotions and every facet of their lives. 

The festival officially concluded with a beach cleanup initiative. Attendees, organizers, facilitators, and volunteers came together to collect nearly two tons of waste from almost a kilometer of untamed beach in collaboration with the City of Ulcinj, Ulcinj Riviera, and DOO “Komunalne djelatnosti” – Ulcinj, along with the Remedies 20t Challenge initiative. This year’s effort surpassed last year’s, where a ton and a half of waste was collected, preventing it from polluting the ocean. Mirroring the festival’s aim to guide each participant back to their essence and offer a canvas for personal transformation and blooming, the beach cleanup was a tender way to reciprocate Ada Bojana’s gracious hospitality. 

Since its inception, the festival has celebrated the beauty and vitality of Ada Bojana, reciprocating its impeccable hospitality for the third year in a row. Besides the City of Ulcinj, Ulcinj Riviera, and DOO “Komunalne djelatnosti” – Ulcinj, the Ada Divine Awakening festival received additional support this year from the REMEDIES project through the Remedies 20t Challenge initiative and the Recan Foundation. Ada Divine Awakening also paid particular attention to ecology and environmental conservation in partnership with the “Every Can Counts” project and young artists who transformed used beverage cans into canvases, breathing new life into them. Visitors received an artful reminder of the importance of recycling in the ongoing effort to protect planet Earth. As in previous years, the festival concluded its program by raising awareness about the significance of preserving unique ecosystems like Ada Bojana.

Transformation remains the central, invaluable, and paramount experience of this event. Ada Divine Awakening is not just a festival but a sanctuary where people undergo pivotal life changes, a pathway to inner light, and the fulfillment of one’s deepest emotional needs. It serves as a unique incubator for emotional unearthing, from which everyone emerges as a cherished version of themselves. 

The heartfelt testimonials from festival-goers have accumulated from the get-go, each reading like a love letter to the transformative journey. Every new beginning comes with its challenges; every change is a step out of the comfort zone; every improvement is the fruit of deep, exhaustive processes. Once again, the festival offered people a new lens through which they could reap the rewards of their personal struggles on a daily basis. 

This year’s theme was “Live Your Purpose,” and participants more than ever engaged with their roles in the world, in their own lives, and in the lives of those around them. Extraordinary experts from diverse corners of the globe guided attendees through intensive workshops, navigating their traumas, challenges, and shortcomings while equipping them with the tools to live a freer, happier, more loving, and more fulfilling life. 

Every individual carries within them their own path, strength, desires, and intentions. Ada Divine Awakening serves merely as a catalyst for a true return to one’s core, essence, and internal home that each attendee carries within them.