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Healing Vibes and Love Manifested Through Dance — EXIT’s Oasis of Conscious Music Invites Audiences to Deeper Unity

Healing Vibes and Love Manifested Through Dance

EXIT’s mission — to build enduring bridges of love and freedom among festival visitors through the finest musical experience and boundary-pushing energy — will be reinforced this year by the unique and rejuvenating Pachamama powered by Rosa stage!

Some of the most influential representatives of the conscious music movement, such as Mose B2B Franko Heke, AWARË, Pepe Danza & Marek Žilinec, DJ Tebra, Bruna Bortolato, and many others, will perform!


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There’s no better way to watch the sunset over Novi Sad than from the Pachamama powered by Rosa stage near the Petrovaradin clock tower! A zen sanctuary among EXIT’s leading stages, this rapidly evolving festival platform celebrates its seventh anniversary with conscious musical ventures, soft guitar sounds, flute chirps, and palm dances.

Through the silence and peace of intertwined harmonies and merged instruments, the AWARË musical odyssey will transcend conventional boundaries of sound, allowing the audience to gently glide from the afternoon into the first festival evening at Petrovaradin Fortress.

A new-generation musician who transcends geographical, spiritual, and musical boundaries, Pepe Danza, will take the audience on a healing musical journey on Friday, together with Marek Žilinec, a multi-talented Slovak performer who, inspired by India, has transitioned from a rebellious rocker to a sensitive and perceptive performer, leading the masses towards undiscovered expanses of freedom through music.

A peerless master of conscious music, Mose, who has reached the hearts of millions worldwide with his unique Cacao Dance DJ sets and recently captivated thousands of listeners at the Belgrade Silos, will perform on Saturday, July 13, alongside Franko Heke, an Italian-Maori musician who will envelop the audience with his mantras carried by a recognizable cosmic kirtan reggae beat.

A meditative musical session with Lava, a meditation teacher who speaks the language of love through her music, will also feature the premiere of the song “Starseed,” which she composed for EXIT’s birthday. Attendees will be able to fully experience the therapeutic effect of music through a performance by Žarko Ilić, a mind coach and PhD in classical medicine whose compositions explore the spiritual heritage of Balkan shamanism and sound healing practices.

The audience on the Pachamama powered by Rosa stage will also enjoy afro and progressive house melodies skillfully and authentically fused by DJ Tebra and join Bruna Bortolato, a DJ and ceremonialist who opens women’s hearts, on a meditative journey connecting the present moment with ancient wisdom from around the world.

As Mose himself previously pointed out, the powerful unifying energy of the Pachamama powered by Rosa stage opens performers’ hearts. This creates the most intense music as the entire audience breathes and dances as one! Each unique and conscious dance move strengthens the feeling of true belonging, freedom, harmony, deep peace, and connection to Mother Earth, from which everything originates and to which everything returns.

The diversity of sounds and mantras connecting hearts and minds in a spiritual mission will also be complemented by performances from Solfire, Ast Arta, Martinees, Ras Milenko, Cheek & BaloO, Pop Hor Radio, Dub Dub, Lo-Fi Falafel, Drum’n’zez, Nektarije, Banzae, BalkanElektro, Charmer Sheikh, and DJ/MC Killo Killo.

This year’s program on the Pachamama powered by Rosa stage signals the continuation of EXIT’s efforts to build a community of conscious and happy individuals connected by positive vibrations and pure love. Audiences will have another opportunity to join this movement at the Ada Divine Awakening festival, which will be held for the fourth time on the island where it was born, Ada Bojana, September 13-18.