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How do you honour your relationship?

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Why is it that we play our best until we feel “safe” in our love relationship and then just somehow lose the flare for playing?
After a while many couples take themselves for granted and stop being creative… waiting for the occasions to present themselves.

In this time of decisions, we invite you to honour your relationship by committing to it daily, starting from 1st of January!

We have prepared 22 inspirational activities to do with your partner, to show each other the care, spice up your intimate hours & spend quality time that may bring your relationship to the next level. We will be sharing a new challenge every day via our instagram stories so make sure you turn on notifications and join the challenge!

image1 (1)It is a challenge because it requires your presence and action each day. If you take it as a game, the conscious growth through playful activities will bring so much pleasure, joy and satisfaction for all involved.

Do not trust our word – take the gift of this 22day relationship challenge and let us know how it goes!

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The quality of our life reflects the choices of relationships we invest ourselves in. So, what do you choose to invest yourself in 2022??