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6 Tips That Will Take Your Relationships to the Next Level

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What kind of mindset, skills and practises make a conscious partnership?
How to keep your relationship exciting long term?

Let’s take a look at what are the main components of a healthy, thriving partnership.

We have brought to you a power couple, incredible souls, bright on their own and even brighter together, a partnership that radiates LOVE and BLISSHannah Knight and Xavier De Forceville!

Here is the answer in the video so you can truly feel and soak up their beautiful energy and you can revisit their tips with the transcript below.

Enjoy the ride

H:So what do you think makes a really good relationship?

X:You and me!?

[Laughs] Uh-huh! I think what makes a really good relationship is people who are really happy in themselves already.

That’s definitely what I feel like I needed to work on before I met you.

X:Yes. This is definitely necessary. I think it’s very important to do some personal work so that we don’t depend on the other person to be happy. But we find our own inner happiness and our own inner bliss.

H: Yep. definitely.

X:Because if we don’t do that, if the other person provides the happiness and the bliss, the day they don’t do it because they might be in a bad mood, or maybe something else is going on for them, we might feel betrayed.

H:That’s interesting.

X:And we might feel our trust is broken. And become resentful and needy.


H: Yeah neediness is not so great. Mhm! I think it’s important to work on yourself, to develop yourself, and I think it’s also important to be with someone who you are really aligned with. You know, someone who you share values with, goals with. Who you share life vision with.

Because being fulfilled as a soul, pursuing your soul mission, and pursuing your joy is so much of what makes a happy life. If you’re not really living the life of your dreams or moving toward the life of your dreams, life can become pretty dull. And then you do depend on your partner or unconsciously you might depend on your relationship to give you joy. In addition, I feel like, something I’ve been thinking about, is the reason why so many couples in today’s age— we hear about so many people getting divorced… is because they don’t spend time together, and they spend so much time doing work and in stress and in fear and survival. And then they have maybe one or two or three weeks out of the year to go on vacation or watch a movie or something. But Xavi and I spend so much time together. Don’t we babe?

X:We love it!

H:Yeah! We love being outside, we love connecting to nature. (Beautiful flower…) We travel the world, and part of what allows us to do that is that we’re living in alignment with our soul’s purpose. So we have had the calling to teach and share our wisdom and who we are with the world and the universe supports us. So we are able to be in beautiful places and just garden, swim. I think that is really important for a healthy thriving relationship. Basically, thriving, happy people.


X: Yes! I feel that what is really important is that… Our passion is to travel and go in beautiful places… but it’s working for us because we are in love. And when we’re in love, the universe opens itself to our project. So whatever project we would have, let’s say we didn’t love traveling, we loved being at home and doing gardening, we would have a blissful life and a very successful time being at home and gardening because we cultivate our relationship and we cultivate the love, and love is the language of the universe. So the universe supports it. So basically whatever project we have, if we have a successful relationship, it will very likely be supported by the universe if the universe feels our love and our deep connection with nature.


H: Aho! Yeah! Being in a high vibration is definitely one of our main practices, and that’s exactly what it is: it’s a practice. It’s something that you have to train your mind and body to achieve. To be happy. To feel joy. To be in a state of celebration and ease and relaxation and receptivity and pleasure and laughter and beauty and gratitude and appreciation. These are high vibe emotions that typically we’re not trained to feel. in fact, I feel like the majority of us have been trained actually to feel bad emotions, or more challenging, denser emotions like stress or fear. And our true state of our being — the truth of who we are— is Bliss, is creative expression, is Joy, the joy of being alive. It’s our aliveness. When we come in nature, and we’re with people we love and adore, I think it’s a lot easier to access that. So that’s why we and I advocate for relationships. Of course some people are in a stage when people need to focus on self development and self-love and self-care and understanding the self, but I see the new world as a world where people live together and in harmony and in love and romance. Xavier and I have been together for a few years now, and we have not left what’s called the Honeymoon Phase. We don’t believe that phase has to ever end. We truly believe we can live in bliss and joy and that doesn’t mean we don’t ever experience difficult feelings or challenging experiences. Of course, that is part of the human life cycle. We have to experience challenges, setbacks, and obstacles so that we can grow . That’s actually part of the rainbow of life.

X:Yes. I believe the honeymoon phase is something that comes very easily at the beginning of relationship, and we can keep it going, and we can cultivate it. And this is what we want. That’s what we choose. It requires cultivating, like a garden. Like a gardener will cultivate the garden and remove the weeds, we remove shadows. We go and hunt shadows and remove them and look at them. We say, “Hey this doesn’t belong in the container of our relationship. This behaviour. This learned, subconscious behaviour does not belong here. Is not welcome.” We also cultivate what’s needed there. Like the fertilizer, like the compost that plants need to grow well, we actually cultivate constantly new skills and new techniques and practices that we do so we can cultivate our honeymoon forever faze.


H:Yes! Another thing that makes our relationship successful is that … like I said, you know, challenging experiences, obstacles, challenging emotions, are part of the human life cycle, they are part of the rainbow of life, and so many of us are taught and have been conditioned to ignore or deny or suppress our emotions—our grief, our hurt, our rage, our anger, as well as our sexuality. And we have been practiced and studied over the years how to reintegrate these natural energies back into our life as something that’s normal, something that is not shameful, but something we can actually channel and transmute and alchemise so that it doesn’t sabotage our experience anymore from the shadows but we’re actually consciously working with our emotions when they come. Like when I’m having a challenging day or something comes up… Um [laughters], It’s like we embrace… it’s like I’m not pretending it’s not there… and Xavier can kind of laugh about it with me, he can laugh at it because it’s normal and he can be lighthearted about it rather than shaming each other and pretending that we don’t have emotions or play games on each other. We don’t do that, me and Xavier. We don’t play games on each other, and I think it’s one of the reasons why we’re so happy together. We can be 100% who we are, whether that’s angry, sad, acting like a tiny baby who didn’t have what she wanted when she needed to be nourished, and we can play out those parts of ourselves with love and with presence and consciousness until they dissolve back into consciousness. Until they dissolve back where they came from and we can come back to our true state of being which is perfect peace and love.


H: And maybe sexuality — maybe you could talk about sexuality because I feel like that’s one of the most important pieces here that so many people don’t know how to handle.

X:Well, it’s the same as our relationship. Sexuality at the beginning of the relationship, its’ like our animals and our instincts and pheromones are doing all the work, so sexuality is amazing at the beginning of a relationship because it’s natural. … As we go, those easy pieces need to be replaced by pieces that we cultivate to feed all of our chakras, so it’s not just the animal chakra and the basic pheromones doing the subconscious work for us. We can actually feed those pheromones with our hearts and our voices and our visions and our spirits, Basically with our whole body. But this requires cultivating and practicing.

H: Totally.

X:Imagining that it will all be coming by itself often turns into disillusion, that’s why sometimes there is a tendency to find new partner and a new partner and a new partner because We know we’re supposed to have an amazing sexual life, but because we don’t know how to do it, we stay on chapter one, and then when chapter one is finished, we just go and open a new book because that’s all we know. Right. But there are actually a lot of beautiful chapters in the book. We just have to write the book.

H: Beautiful! I love the way you said that. Absolutely! Being aware, being masterful with our sexual energy and our relationship with our body and our emotions. Learning how to easily access different parts of yourself and empower different types of expressions in yourself and de-condition ourselves from the belief that we have to be a certain way is really helpful in a relationship. For example, I feel like especially as a woman, I learned to be hyper sexual and that I was really only worthy or valuable if I was having sex or if I was super in the peak of my sexual turn-on or something. And that’s just not true. And in a healthy relationship, you learn to ride the waves of life together and to celebrate every season no matter what it is. And I also think that what makes life so fun with you, Xav, is that we are free in our sexuality. We spend most of our time in the nude, just because it’s comfortable for us and it feels amazing, and we’re confident about our sexuality. And that’s something that I, when I was manifesting Xavier, I was manifesting a partner, I said: I wanna be with someone who is sexually conscious, who is sexually aware, who has mastered his sexuality and has mastered his sexual energy and isn’t just like…. Who is Not just here for the sex and at the same time knows how to have a really great time sexually. Supporting my feminine, holding space for the feminine, and able to express so many parts of himself confidently in that way. I just wanted to touch on this… I think it’s really important that we touched on this topic, because sex is such a taboo in our society, so many of us are waking up and seeing, “wow I’m really missing out on this part of myself.” Our sexuality isn’t just about what happens with other people in the bedroom, it’s also about our self expression in the world, our creative life force energy, and our worthiness, and our joy, and our pleasure, which is the energy that is really at the core of our life.


H: I think I’m complete for now. What about you baby?

X: That’s perfect! Thank you.

H: So that’s our little… those are some of our tips for how to live and amazing blissful relationship..

X: There’s a lot more tips!

H: There’s a lot more where that came from! So let’s stay connected. We send you so much love!

X: Let’s watch the sunset.