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Devi Mohan, Henry Ammar, LAOR, Una Senić and Božo Vrećo Strengthen the Ada Divine Awakening Festival Programme!

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The second edition of the Ada Divine Awakening Festival will be held on the magical Ada Bojana from 13th to 18th September and bring together over 30 leading global educators, coaches, healers, and therapists in partnership awareness, sexuality, and personal development. ADA is the first consciousness and intimacy festival in the region, and its motto for this year’s edition is “Reclaim Your Power.” Hundreds of people will gather in one of the most vibrant and most beautiful destinations in Europe as part of a six-day intensive personal transformation programme.

The latest additions to the programme include Devi Mohan, Henry Amar Mayara, Una Senić, Alisa Gurova, Buddhi Dana, Pepe Danza, Julia Krakova and Niraj. They help participants begin the process of entering their essence and reclaiming their power in the educational portion of the festival. At the same time, Božo Vrećo, LAOR, Praful and many others will contribute musically. Due to enormous interest from visitors from all over Europe, the current ticket prices will only be valid until June 9th.

Ada Divina Awakening will bring more than 70 powerful workshops and create an opportunity for each individual to embark on a soul search for their truth, focusing on awareness, transformation, and personal growth.

The first Ada Divine Awakening festival took place at a time when human loneliness and alienation reached their zenith, illuminating the visitors’ desire for closeness and warmth and providing knowledge and insight into personal development, recognition, and the fulfilment of intrinsic needs, emotional relationships and sexuality, and improving the participants’ intimacy with themselves and others. Ada Divine Awakening is meant for everyone because its mission is for each participant to find the tools to improve their inner state and enhance the energy they project into relationships with others.

Couples and individuals from all over the world will find themselves in the safe and open space of the magical Ada Bojana, whose nature is one of the primary motivators for participants to reach their catharses. It is no coincidence that the festival is located in this magical environment. Everyone who has visited Ada Bojana has made an incredible connection with its nature, landscapes, and the great power that comes from the elements, caressing, empowering, and transforming everyone who comes across it.

Some of the educators who will guide visitors on their path to self-awareness include well-known yoga teacher and speaker, Master of Peace Studies and global ambassador of the Mohandji Foundation Devi Mohan from Slovenia, holistic therapist practising quantum healing energy Mayara from Brazil, professional Tribal Fusion dancer Alisa Gurova from Ukraine, and sex therapist, yoga/tantra teacher and DJ Buddhi Dana from Israel.

The magical Ada Bojana will also host Pepe Danza from Uruguay, a man with extensive international experience teaching yoga, meditation, tantra, and Taoist practices. He also practices sound healing and profoundly believes that music has the power to transform humanity. We also welcome Julia Krakova from Israel, who is equally dedicated to Eastern and Western/traditional and modern teachings through her Human Design System, as well as Niraj from Great Britain, who has been part of various tantra festivals since 2009, teaching people to find well-being, harmony, and motivation through dance, movement, and exercise.

The previously announced teachers at this year’s edition of the festival include Master Coach of Tantra and Relationships from the United States, Luba Evans, teachers of intimate relationships, love, and shamanic knowledge, Xavier De Forceville and Hannah Knight (France, USA), experts in partner communication and various types of partnerships Rachel Rickards and Lennart Henning (USA, Germany), as well as breath therapist and healer Sophia Magdalena (UK). This year, ADA will also feature tantric skills educator, facilitator of men’s circles and author Aaron Kleinerman (USA-Bali) and a teacher in connection and non-violent communication Michael Finkel (Israel).

The programme will be rounded off by Kundalini Yoga instructor Una Senić, who deals with the empowerment and sensuality of women through dance and movement, Dragana Balić, who explores the longings of her soul through her tantra workshops, an expert on regeneration and reprogramming of human behaviour and the subconscious Henry Amar, and Ksenija Lea Rona, a teacher of healthy living and contact with nature. The festival will also feature Aviv Shalem, who will help visitors establish a radical connection between themselves and the Goddex, while Boris and Djurdjina Maidanik will take visitors on a path to grounding, growth, self-acceptance and the expression of their inner selves through passionate tango.

The top-level performers leading the festival’s music programme include the fantastic LAOR, the leading voice of healing music, whose approach to music comes from theatre and yoga, and whose specific vocals inspire people to breathe deeply, connect, sing, dance, and pray, entirely openly and honestly.

We will also see Praful, saxophonist, flautist, singer, producer, and composer, who heals his audience with music and includes various genres in his performances — New World Fusion, jazz, soul dance, and Indian music. During his performances, he creates unique symphonies that bring a state of inner bliss and lead listeners on a path to introspection and help them find their essence.

Božo Vrećo, an authentic artist whose performances captivate with incredible and magnificent energy, will bring exceptional warmth. Through his interpretation of sevdalinkas, he combines modernity with tradition and represents the bold yet cheerful spirit of the Balkans.

Packages Priced at €329 on Sale Until June 9th!

A limited number of packages priced at €329 is available until June 9th or until the stocks are sold out. It is also possible to pay in up to four/five instalments, and the accommodation includes five nights in the FKK “Ada Bojana” resort. You can find all information about the festival on the website, where you can select the package for you.