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Ada Divine Awakening is calling: The World-renowned Stefanos Sifandos, Chantress Seba, AWARË and 10 others are joining the tribe for the fourth edition of the festival

ADA Divine Awakening 2024

The highly anticipated fourth edition of the Ada Divine Awakening festival has unveiled its initial lineup, featuring 13 facilitators, artists and magicians set to lead you on a transformative journey.

Against the captivating backdrop of Ada Bojana island, this year’s edition of the festival, taking place from 13-18 September, promises an immersive experience designed to elevate your spiritual exploration.

Among the distinguished facilitators is Stefanos Sifandos, a world-renowned seasoned educator and expert in somatic and trauma-informed relationship dynamics. With over two decades of experience blending behavioural science and philosophy, Sifandos is poised to offer insights into creating fulfilling relationships.

From emotional release to navigating the murky waters of modern masculinity to helping us understand our role in the relationships we nurture, he will guide you to transform negative and limiting past patterns and cultivate a positive sense of self. Stefanos shares his work openly and educates through different platforms, including social media, where he is recognised for his many specialities.

Accompanying Sifandos are Chantress Seba, whose ethereal music and celestial voice aim to reconnect participants with their divine essence, guiding them toward their life’s purpose. Within the sacred space where stardust meets the ethereal, Chantress Seba channels Angelic Light language, weaving celestial harmonies that resonate through the very fabric of the Universe.

With their healing qualities, Chantress Seba promises to enrich the entire ADA experience.

Additionally, AWARË will contribute a unique sonic journey, transcending conventional boundaries with their powerful soundwave. AWARË’s music serves as a powerful catalyst to step into a realm of oneness where hearts unite and spirits soar. Their vivacious rhythms are destined to gradually awaken the senses and culminate in a collective celebration of life through the universal language of music.

The festival will also feature a carefully curated lineup of facilitators, guides, artists, trailblazers and wonderful souls, including Candice Halliday Bryant, Zola Dubnikova, Afke Reijenga, Xavier de Forceville, Jadranka Petrović, Arja Hendrikx, Aaron Kleinerman, and Amanda Biccum. These extraordinary individuals will lead workshops and perform, guiding you towards self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Ada Divine Awakening Festival promises to be an unforgettable event, inviting participants to explore the depths of their consciousness and embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation. Stay tuned for more updates as we unveil a new wave of names in the coming weeks.