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Wolf Full Moon meets Orthodox Christmas for Personal Superpower Awakening and Collective Global r.Evolution

By 06.01.2023January 18th, 2023No Comments
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If you want to know what magical constellation is happening tonight that is appearing probably for the first time in the history of humankind and that will be relevant for the whole 2023 and beyond, and that can transform your life for good, you should continue reading. It involves Wolfs, Christ, Queen of Heaven, the Moon, shadows, Native Americans and Slavs, superpower awakening, spirit animals, healing, transformation and more.

Firstly, tonight is the Full Moon which is called Wolf Full Moon. This name comes from the Native American and medieval European tribes’ traditions due to the howling of hungry wolves lamenting the scarcity of food in midwinter.

Secondly, practically at the same time when Wolf Full Moon reaches its peak, it will mark the first minutes of Christmas in Serbia, Macedonia, and Montenegro and the first hours of Christmas in Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. In most of these countries, Christmas has very intimate and deep spiritual significance, not so much a „Happy Xmass“ type of holiday as in some parts of Western society.

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We’re not done with synchronicities. Most of these countries are of Slavic origin – and Wolf is among their main spirit animals. In Serbian mythology, Wolf is the ultimate power animal and ancestor that originated the astral energy of the nation and that people both feared and respected. They have seen the wolf as a representative of both dark and light forces, a destroyer and protector.

In positive aspects, Wolf as a spirit animal is associated with fearlessness, freedom, self-confidence, strong instincts, loyalty, intelligence, awareness, family connection, and guardianship (wolves always stay and protect their pack). In negative aspects, it’s impulsive and destructive unconscious behavior which was also common in the history of the above-mentioned nations.

And finally, the connection between wolves and the Moon is very well known. Their energies are very similar in nature and very much interconnected.

Having all this in mind,

How can we use this rare cosmical event for our personal growth?

This is the perfect time to dig deep into our shadows without being afraid that they will eat us or turn us into werewolves. Christ’s consciousness and Mother Mary’s blessing are there to guide us to use unconditional love and embrace all of the ugliness that might be there, even the darkest and the most dangerous wolf of all, our worst inner demons. In return, these immense energies will be transformed into constructive superpowers that can provide us with a quantum leap in all aspects of our lives. We can face and release our deepest fears and turn them into our biggest strengths.

Christ consciousness (we’re not speaking about organized religion here but as supreme cosmic consciousness) is here for another reason besides unconditional love. When we unleash our inner wolf (or inner dragon), these can be very powerful energies that can easily overtake us. An unleashed dragon can burn the village (or inflame our ego) if not directed. That’s why we need high consciousness to direct this energy into the highest good for us and the world. And Christ’s consciousness is pretty much the highest peak you can climb.

I had a visit from this scary wolf a few weeks ago. It appeared in a sort of a dream, and it was terrifying at first glance. However, as soon as I sent him love and accepted him, he went into peace. I will use this period to awaken it fully and transform it into a mighty force of light. In fact, this energy is, to a large extent, a tailwind behind the creation of this writing piece.

On a collective level, this is the time for the gathering of the tribe. The pack of Consciousness Warriors is rising to elevate humanity and the Earth to the next step in evolution. We are in the midst of the quantum leap. In 2023 so many of us will break the chains of the old world into freedom and raise our joint vibration so high that we can finally birth the New World that we for so long knew that was coming.

To finish this story, mighty wolves are also the main spirit animal for one other nation – Ukraine. One of many Ukrainian myths about wolves includes a prince that turned into a werewolf and had to run from Kyiv to Crimea before the Sun came up so that he could remain in that form.

We should also use this time to pray to stop the terrible war in Ukraine and transform this unconscious destructive force into a mighty peace-building power. The creation of the New Earth should also birth a global peace movement that will be powerful enough to end all wars.

We can certainly do it as we are the ones we have been waiting for!