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Priestess of Bliss Initiation with Hannah Knight


4-Week Online Women’s Initiation into Feminine Power, Abundance, & Manifestation with Integrated Sex, Love, Relationship & Feminine Power Coach Hannah Knight.

Perhaps you don’t know exactly how to align with your bliss to create what you desire in life. Or maybe you feel so discouraged that you’re not even sure what you want right now. What you know is that you want to feel better & you want your life to be full of ease, magic, abundance, and fun!

The course itself is like a bliss bible for women who are ready to transform themselves & their lives to a whole new level of pleasure and power. In the course, Hannah will walk you step-by-step through literally everything you need to know to create the most amazing life from a place of embodied ease, magnetism, and authentic pleasure.

In the 4-week initiation beta program, while you experience transformational group coaching, heart-opening transmissions, tips, & rituals, & some of the most life-changing embodiment practices that will be in the e-course.

A transformative journey for women who…

…want to feel blissful every day, awaken permission to shine authentically in the world, become a master of their abundance, pleasure & feminine energy…

…are ready to manifest the next level in their life of soul-driven purpose & creativity, dream partnership & relationship passion, travel, adventure, and community, or all of the above…

…feel excited to be part of a supportive, high-vibe community of courageously sexy, inspiring, & powerful women and be held in a safe & loving container where they can experience awakened sensuality, emotional mastery, & vibrational magic.

How is it different from other courses?

The initiation covers not just some, but ALL of the most important pieces in living a life of bliss as a woman on this planet: confidence, integrated sexuality, relationship, soul purpose, AND abundance. At Priestess of Bliss, nothing is left out.

This is holistic education.

“The medicine I share is grounded in ancient tantric, yogic, energetic, & shamanic spiritual wisdom while rooted in modern neuroscience & psycho-emotional, psycho-somatic technology. I’ve studied how our brains and bodies work, & I can help women resolve deep emotional issues with both a top-down approach AND bottom-up. That means we don’t just talk about transformation; you experience the magic in your own body.

AND, I do it all in safe, loving, & integrated ways. I’m a trauma-informed coach and facilitator with over 1000 hours of training and practice.”

This is embodied education.

“In this priestess initiation, you’re not only learning how to connect with your true nature or cultivate presence in the body; you’re learning to cultivate magnetism & true feminine power through your pleasure & sexuality so that you can actually CREATE & RECEIVE a completely new reality for yourself on the inside AND the outisde. You’re learning how to self-actualise like a goddess.”

This is manifestation education.

“Plus, as a professional integrated sex, love, & relationship coach and expert, I’ll be able to help you grow in the areas that are challenging so many women today the most, such as:
conscious dating, choosing your ideal partner / feminine/masculine energy, safety / worthiness, sacred partnership / embodying your queen in love / conscious sexuality, tantric sex + orgasm / body love, emotional power / wildness / inner child healing / gentle trauma release / the law of attraction, spiritual sexuality + sex magic

This is next-level priestess initiation.

“Ultimately, ALL of this wisdom has been what’s allowed me to be the happiest woman on the planet with the most amazing partner & most satisfying relationship ever, have the best job, travel & explore epic community life, & experience genuine joy & orgasmic bliss running though my body over the past four years & counting, and I don’t know anyone else who’s doing it.

Wherever you are in the world, you can join for US$ 444. The Priestess of Bliss Initiation course starts on April 21st and here you can find more information about Hannah and outcomes of the nearing journey.