Ivana Sahami has been very passionate and dedicated to helping people communicate in a more successful and conscious way for the last 7 years. Living in Bali for more than 15 years, she was exposed to various upgrade modalities and achieved a shift in her personal development 14 years ago. 

She was a life coach, NLP, and hypnotherapy graduate; however, it was the Non-Violent Communication degree that sparked her passion, and now this is the method she wants to share with the world. She holds group workshops in Bali and Privates as well and is a guest speaker at various events, locally and internationally.

The NVC method uncovers the ego-driven belief system and teaches us how to become aware of the feelings and unmet needs that lie behind our triggers and words. The introduction to this method will give you an insight into just how beneficial and necessary it is to implant this communication method in our everyday lives – not only with others but, even more importantly how we talk with ourselves and our thoughts. This workshop will give you some tools to start with immediately.