Sophia has devoted herself to the clearing and cleansing of conditioned beliefs, empowering both the Feminine and Masculine in connecting consciously in Union, in trust in intimacy, and in returning to the sacredness of our true Divine Essence. Her desire to awaken love is to create new paradigms of love, intimacy, loving relationships, and peace in the world.

In the 70s, she lived in San Francisco, where she became fully involved in alternative healing practices and the Feminist movement, which greatly inspired her. Sophia later met the Way of Mastery teacher and spiritual community in Bali, and through her own healing journey, she mastered the channelled teachings and healing practices that she now shares in her Awakening Love sessions and workshops.

As an international healer, she offers private sessions, workshops and retreats and is a member of the International Breathwork Foundation. She also facilitates Sacred Sexuality retreats and workshops in Europe and Bali and takes groups to Bali, combining these practices with Tantra, clearing sexual trauma, clearing energies and beliefs and releasing emotions held within Sexuality.

Apart from offering her own transformative breath-work sessions, Sophia has been invited to take part in many International breath-work events and festivals to give both private Awakening Love sessions as well as to lead Loves Breath, and Awakening Divine Love Workshops.