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Support people to:

• expand their consciousness

• stand in their own power

• connect to the sense of higher purpose

• transform limitations, fears and beliefs

• experience love, bliss, compassion and deep connection with alike humans

• share ancient knowledge and practices

• explore sexual energy as greatest life force

To create community spaces that help people connect, build skills and acquire knowledge to embody and express the principles of conscious relating.
Those who embark on spiritual quests are not just visitors, they are soul families.
You’re home. You’re here. We’re here for you. You’re part of this family.
The festival brings together facilitators from these knowledge domains:
• Acceptance and integration of any and all belief systems
• Ancient wisdom and practises around the world
• Trauma-informed facilitation and support systems
• Evidence based approaches and sharing available scientific research
• And many other topics related to consciousness and intimacy
Along with the facilitators, the festival gathers artists from the region and the whole world, sharing the essence of music and movement through morning and evening performances.
Ada Creates The Safe Space For:
• accessing the energy of love, wholeness, bliss, wisdom and transmission of Truth so you can come into alignment and connect to your true being
• learning, sharing and exploring personal freedom, authenticity and connection to alike hearted individuals
• supporting emotional release, healing, transformations and integration
• taking your relationships to the next level
• increasing intimacy level with yourself, your partner and others
Who Is ADA For?

Ada Divine Awakening is not another tantra festival!
It is a lifestyle choice of the future superhumans.

It is for everyone who is:

• wondering how to live a more conscious and fulfilling life

• alive and hungry for growth in their consciousness and ecstatic living

• brave to show up for themselves and heal personal and generational traumas
• ready to transform societal limitations and release old stories of who they are
• curious to explore concepts of sexuality beyond guilt and shame patterns
• willing to express their freedom in a compassionate and loving way
• ready to step into the path of dharma, uncovering universal truth and purpose in a playful way
• wishing to travel towards more presence, higher service or even enlightenment
• creating the New Earth models of living and serving the Humanity.
• desiring more pleasure and fun