Support people to:

• expand their consciousness

• stand in their own power

• connect to the sense of higher purpose

• transform limitations, fears and beliefs

• experience love, bliss, compassion and deep connection with alike humans

• share ancient knowledge and practices

• explore sexual energy as greatest life force

ADA 2k22 Theme

We were all born as pure consciousness, open hearts and free spirits… and now it is time to reclaim that!

RECLAIMING YOUR POWER means going far beyond the realms of sexuality yet charged by the strongest life force. This year we will embark on the spiritual quests to search for the gems of conscious relationships, passionate connections with self and others and mindfulness practices for upleveling and expansion. The whole journey takes us toward finding personal truth, liberation, acceptance,  authentic expression and Sacred Union.

Everyone can create their own pathway in each of the quests and freely enjoy the entertainment with music, performances, dancing and ceremonies. However, the journey requires presence from the beginning to the end.

Treasure map for the personal quests

Ada Divine Awakening 2022 programme consists of more than 70 workshops held throughout the festival area, in the TEMPLE spaces. 

There will be various treasures for  everyone who is ready to take them. Freely and at their own pace. Through workshops and experiences they choose. Present and in the flow. With facilitators who will be their guides through these areas:

  • Consciousness: mindfulness, mediation and personal development
  • Intimacy: health,  relationships and sacred sexuality
  • Music, Arts, Ceremonies:  soulful singing, live music and dance performances, ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, fire show

Whatever you are looking for, you will find exactly what you need!

Reclaim your truth In the SOURCE TEMPLE

A quest for personal power and purpose. 

Space for (super)consciousness related topics , meditation and connection to the Source.

Workshops focus:

(Self)Leadership,  vision, beliefs and values, purpose and mission, energy work, meditation, embodiment practises for releasing fears and limitations,  atomic habits of the superhuman, conscious eating, manifesting, shamanic knowledge, quantum mechanics, neuroscience, finances and investments of the future, systemic changes etc.

Reclaim your relationships in the HEART TEMPLE

A quest for connection, compassion and emotional mastery .

 Space to experience different ways of connecting and opening our hearts for more love, healthier relationships, thriving partnerships.

Workshops focus:

Heart opening practices, relationship with breath, vulnerability, forgiveness, inner child healing, father/mother wound, self-love practices, confidence, communication for couples or dating, conscious parenting, eco-driven knowledge and tools for relationship with nature, elements etc.

Reclaim your sexuality in the PASSION TEMPLE

a quest for healing, liberation and pleasure 

Space for passion, creativity and bliss where intimacy is explored  using  tantric tools for deeper connection, conscious communicating, dating and relating,

Workshops focus:

Pleasure rituals, sensuality, womb wisdom, sacred union, orgasmic powers, abundance, flow, creativity, self-pleasure practises, desires and boundaries, seduction, radiance, magnetism, yoni and lingam educational workshops, shame and guilt, love making tips and intimate play.

Reclaim your expression in the AUTHENTICITY TEMPLE

Quest for voicing your talent, gifts and free expression. 

Space that will be created and curated by you! 

Whether you sing, dance, play an instrument, know a transformational technique, give a lecture or play, here you can bring your magic and share with others.


Space dedicated to commUNION – opening and closing ceremonies, gatherings, all concerts, performances, ceremonies, group meditations, morning yoga and embodiment /dance program workshops and group panels.


Space for healing sessions, body rejuvenating and pleasure rituals for individuals and couples.


TRAUMA INFORMED, SAFE SPACE FOR help in the process of healing and integrating.  Space to express anger, grief, sadness and transform any emotion.


To create community spaces that help people connect, build skills and acquire knowledge to embody and express the principles of conscious relating.

Those who embark on spiritual quests are not just visitors, they are soul families.

You’re home. You’re here. We’re here for you. You’re part of this family.

Ada Divine Awakening Festival 2022 | RECLAIM YOUR POWER from 13 – 18 September 2022

The festival brings together artists and facilitators from these knowledge domains:
• Promotion of local artists and content
• Acceptance and integration of any and all belief systems
-Ancient wisdom and practises around the world
• Trauma-informed facilitation and support systems
• Evidence based approaches and sharing available scientific research

Who Is ADA For?

Ada Divine Awakening is not another tantra festival!
It is a lifestyle choice of the future superhumans.

It is for everyone who is:
• alive and hungry for growth in their consciousness and ecstatic living
• brave to show up for themselves and heal personal and generational traumas
• ready to transform societal limitations and release old stories of who they are
• curious to explore concepts of sexuality beyond guilt and shame patterns
• willing to express their freedom in a compassionate and loving way
• ready to step into the path of dharma, uncovering universal truth and purpose in a playful way
• wishing to travel towards more presence, higher service or even enlightenment
• creating the New Earth models of living and serving the Humanity.
• desiring more pleasure and fun