Xavier De Forceville

Xavier is a successful visionary leader working worldwide as an event facilitator, empowerment & business coach,  sex love & relationships consultant, and holistic therapist. He is passionate about supporting Men and Women in finding their true powers and manifesting their dreams.

He loves to support the noble values that help living in harmony with nature and people, the Sacred Masculine, the Sacred Feminine, and the Inner Child.

Xavier has a gift of a huge loving heart, a powerful mind, extreme sensitivity, and a lot of courage. He loves helping men and women solve their complex life situations and create harmony.

Xavier’s passion is to explore, study, share and help others live an epic, powerful, abundant, holistic life. He has studied Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, Quantum physics, Meditation, Yoga, Energy Healing, Ancient Tribal Exorcism, Trauma healing, Massage therapy, Sex Magic and Relationship Magic.

Xavier loves the mystery of the human mind, the subconscious, and the body’s power. He also has a master’s in engineering and a gift for solving complex problems.

You can find all about his preaches and incredible life on his website and Instagram.