Devi Mohan

Devi Mohan has been an integral member of the Mohanji Foundation, the international spiritual mission of her husband and spiritual guide, Mohanji, since its formation in 2007. She represents the Foundation as its Global Ambassador at various international events, initiatives, and forums.

Through her inspirational talks, Devi aims to touch people’s hearts and serve the cause of peace by actively expressing love and expanding consciousness. Devi travels around the world conducting transformative workshops and live group processes, including traditional yoga, Mohanji’s meditations, and deep techniques she created to connect with Mohanji’s consciousness.

Countless testimonials from people from around the globe offer a deeper perspective on the transformation they have experienced through these methods, in vivo and/or online. The most prominent are The Light Beyond, meditative Conscious Dancing, Born Into Abundance, and Awakening Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), which give a profound and tangible experience of higher vibratory planes.

You can read all about her work and beliefs on her website and follow her daily contributions to the world on her Instagram.