Candice Halliday Bryant

Candice, a beacon of magic born in the UK, tracing her roots back to the rich tapestry of African heritage, emerged in the vibrant landscape of the 1990s. Her solo odyssey commencing in 2008 carried her across continents – Africa, France, and Australia. For the past enchanted eight and a half years, she has woven her essence into the mystical fabric of Bali. With a tapestry adorned by a 28-year mosaic of dance, drama, performing arts, DJIng, music, and events, her portfolio resonates with the echoes of myriad experiences and boundless expertise, creating a spellbinding narrative.

For the past seven years, Candice has delved deep into a transformative healing journey, intertwining her evolution with her ancestral lineage’s threads, bringing creativity and spirituality into a mesmerising symphony.

Committed to her altruistic purpose on this planet, particularly amidst the complexities of the present Great Awakening, Candice aspires to guide others on paths of self-discovery, remembrance, connection, and celebration. Her avenues for achieving this include transformative circles, classes, workshops, and online courses, fostering personal growth and empowerment.

Candice specialises in crafting intuitively channelled immersive experiences. Through a spectrum of modalities such as Ceremonies, Meditation, Yoga, sound healing, Himalayan Kriya yoga, Kundalini bodywork, and other transformative practices, she leads participants on profound journeys of personal evolution.

Her devotion to conjuring safe and empowering sanctuaries reveals her essence – a nurturing enchantress cultivating the dormant seeds of potential, guiding souls toward self-realisation. She eagerly awaits more kindred spirits to commune on her celestial journey.

Beyond her enchanting endeavours, Candice’s heart resonates with the allure of gastronomy, the rhythmic beats of live music, the whispers of nature’s secrets, the canvas of artistic expression, the tranquil depths of tea culture, the mystique of mindfulness practices, the infinite pursuit of knowledge through philosophical discussions, the cosmic embrace of sci-fi cinema, and the timeless serenity found within the ebb and flow of the ocean’s embrace.

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