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To all travelers: The journey of inner exploration begins with Ada

When you come to Ada Divine Awakening, the experience begins with the unbelievably magical Ada Bojana. Almost untouched triangle-like ecosystem, completely secluded away from a fast life that we’re all so used to, holds such powers that it can make you deeply vulnerable and heal you at the same time. Not only does this island overlook the most stunning sunsets you could possibly imagine, it also brings the most remarkable human emotions just with its elements. Freedom, empowerment, love, belief, and unity are main takeaways from this experience. Its compelling energy leaves you breathless, forever changed, yearning to come back to the sacred island at least one more time, which is why there is no better location for this festival than Ada Bojana.

Although this island might be a perfect union of nature and human touch, it surpassed any urban influence years ago. It doesn’t look like any part of Montenegro, or any part of the Balkans at all, it is completely autonomous, wild, free, and barely touched, it is the closest thing to heaven on earth. Whether you come to Ada aware of its powers or not, each time you visit it, it will transform you. It might sound scary, but it is not the kind of transformation that is overwhelming, it’s the kind that’s much needed and comes from within with a great help of wind, sand and the sea. 

The elements that we sometimes take for granted are what makes Ada Bojana such a special place. The combination of sand and the wind, both rough and gentle to the skin, can make you feel both fragile and tough, vulnerable and empowered, but most of all – it makes you feel free. And just like the mixture of the salty Adriatic sea and the sweet river Bojana, our emotions become one and they float with the patient yet persistent river flow. All that’s inside will take its course outside of mind, and will make you experience the new kind of freedom, the raw, uncontrolled kind, without norms of society, without the burden of everyday life, simple and natural, woven into our atoms, the ability to simply let go. 


What we’ll bring to this island are places where you can talk or be silent, let go of your emotions through words or tears, dance, or do anything that feels natural to you. Sometimes it’s important to break down into tears, let go of anything that might be caging you in or you could simply embrace it and dance away the negativity. The Source Temple will allow you to find your truth, the Heart Temple and the Passion Temple will give you the space to reclaim your relationships and your sexuality, and find new ways to connect with your partner and yourself. You can release your creativity and your talent at the Authenticity Temple, for anything you wish to share with others you will have your own space and time, as the programme of this temple will be curated by people. ADA temple is where the workshops and the performances will happen, this space is dedicated to community and unity. Healing Temple and Emotional Support Temple will be safe spaces for releasing and transforming emotions, healing sessions, and rejuvenation for individuals or couples. 


The most important thing in this experience is what you take home with you afterwards. The skill of letting go, the freedom, the mindfulness, the energy, the knowledge that you are not lonely in whatever you’re struggling with, the ability to transform your emotions, the newfound strength to tackle life when it tries to break you down. You will go home happier, healthier, more self-aware, empowered, more in touch with your inner self, your wishes and your abilities to make those wishes come true. And then you will want to come back, and that is the real magic of Ada Bojana.