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People Connecting People

People connecting people

Ada Divine Awakening festival creates new communities with support from United Influencers

Ada Divine Awakening has one mission and it’s to create community spaces that help people connect, build skills and acquire knowledge to embody and express the principles of conscious relating.

This is a completely new festival concept for the Balkan region and it’s refreshing. Working on liberation from some old concepts that have been programmed deep into the subconscious minds of people in the region, this festival got a lot of support in creating communities and spreading a word.

United Influencers is a company that believes in the power of people, and with this in mind, there was no better option for a collaboration than to gather around the same vision and create a strategy for spreading news about the festival which will take place on Ada Bojana from 15-20. September and we believe that our future cooperation will expand the boundaries of both awareness and marketing in this area.

Spreading positive energy, love and emotions is our common main goal. “To whom and how to send information has become a key issue today. We are creating a community for future generations. Each of us is an influencer, we need those with whom we share the same values, the same energy”, says Uroš, COO of United Influencers.