by Hannah Knight & Xavier De Forceville

Mastering sex & relationships is very attractive. That’s because not many of us grew up with the proper education we really needed to be successful in this domain. Whether it’s open relating or monogamy, it’s essential that you have certain skills & superpowers to make your relationships truly amazing. In our workshop, you’ll discover some of our favourite tools & technologies which will give you the possibility of navigating your love-life with more mastery, empowerment, and pleasure. For singles or couples, all those who are ready to learn about a new paradigm of self-loving relating are welcome here.


ADA Divine Awakening 2021

Awaken the Goddess

Conscious dancing

How to create the life of your dreams?

Human design, the nature of relationships

Movement of witnessing

One divine love, Hieros Gamos

Sexual energy exchange and conscious dating

Tantric Journey for Couples

The Art of Conscious Relating

Unleashing abundance in relationships

Zen & Tantra