Marijana Sekulić

Marijana is a guide, mentor, and catalyst for women seeking to unlock the potent energy of their feminine essence. Her mission is to empower her clients to embrace their sensuality and sexuality with unwavering confidence and grace while aligning with their soul’s purpose & truth.

For the past decade, Marijana has passionately pursued her love for dance, feminine embodiment, and sensual leadership.

Armed with certified coaching methodologies, clearing techniques, and Reiki energy, she has coached and mentored countless women. She has played a pivotal role in awakening the feminine through sisterhood circles, workshops, and events.

In Marijana’s view, healing individuals is the first step toward healing the planet itself. She’s a fervent advocate for conscious relationships and actively engages in facilitating festivals and events dedicated to healing, ascension, and the co-creation of a New Earth. Marijana isn’t just a guide; she’s a transformative force and a shining example of feminine power.