by Julia Krakova

This workshop will explore the nature of ways we all connect. There are so many layers to approach the endless topic of relationships – we will go deep into the Mechanics of it. You may receive a clear vision of how to approach Self with self love that’s not just a concept, but a true inner state.  will be able to deeply ‘get’ others despite the fact that they are so different in every way. Understanding and making sense of others behavior is a foundation of healthy relationships. One may not be able to accept but knowing where the person is acting from makes acceptance natural. HD & Relationships will give you a glimpse on the knowledge of self and other through genetic mechanics.


ADA Divine Awakening 2021

Awaken the Goddess

Conscious dancing

How to create the life of your dreams?

Human design, the nature of relationships

Movement of witnessing

One divine love, Hieros Gamos

Sexual energy exchange and conscious dating

Tantric Journey for Couples

The Art of Conscious Relating

Unleashing abundance in relationships

Zen & Tantra