Dušan Kovačević

Introducing Dušan, a visionary leader and master of manifestation who is truly living the life of his dreams. As the founder of one of the world’s largest music festivals, EXIT, and recognised as one of the most influential figures in the European music industry, he’s on a mission to infuse the consciousness of the New Earth into the tapestry of events and experiences he envisions.

His awakening journey in this lifetime began early, at 13, when he embarked on the path of transcendental meditation. Along the way, he mastered various spiritual and tantric practices. His deep fascination with sacred sexuality and elevation of human consciousness propelled him to co-create the one and only – Ada Divine Awakening Festival!

During the festival, Dušan will generously share the secrets of his remarkable manifestation abilities, helping each of us step into the path of living our purpose. Additionally, together with a group of facilitators, he’ll provide powerful intimacy tools designed specifically for men.

And his commitment doesn’t stop there; he’s actively contributing to creating the New Earth Leadership Movement.