by Devi Mohan

During this deep process guided by Devi Mohan, you will be led on the path of inner cleansing, balancing and alignment with the highest aspect in you, the Goddess in you.

Dive deep into your subconscious and embrace the gift of inner alignment and healing, a powerful call of awakening into your highest potential.

Set a clear intention, directing your inner compass towards manifestation of abundance and deep fulfillment in all aspects of woman’s life.


ADA Divine Awakening 2021

Awaken the Goddess

Conscious dancing

How to create the life of your dreams?

Human design, the nature of relationships

Movement of witnessing

One divine love, Hieros Gamos

Sexual energy exchange and conscious dating

Tantric Journey for Couples

The Art of Conscious Relating

Unleashing abundance in relationships

Zen & Tantra