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Stillness in the Storm

By 25.07.2021July 26th, 2021No Comments

by Aaron Kleinerman

Can you remain calm in the chaos?
Can you stand face to face with the death of destruction and find your center?
As the everything of life storms upon you, can you feel the nothingness?

When I was working as a mariner, I often felt my money was really earned during the 2-4 % of the time when shit went crazy,
When the wind blew over 60 knots,
When heart attacks happened at sea,
When fires roared in the engine room,
When chaos suddenly opened itself upon the ocean waters.

These situations did not happen often, but when they did, I was there, with my other competent officers, to handle the situation,
To remain calm in the storm,
To find the solution in the chaos,
To stay focused, clear and attentive, even when it felt like everything was going to sink.

These skills have stayed with me for a lifetime.
The other side of this calmness, is when stoicism sets in, and an incapacity to feel life force washes over the body.

I often share with my male clients now.
“You have to know the “crazy bitch” on the inside, before you can appreciate and respect the crazy bitch on the outside. “

This is vital, for until the masculine knows the raging storm that can erupt in the feminine within,
Then the raging storm on the outside will always feel like something foreign.

What we see on the outside, is always a reflection of what is happening on the inside.
Often, these emotions, for a man, are suppressed, pushed down and turned away from.

So, the more a man gives himself permission to allow the crazy on the outside to express, then the more he gains an embodied appreciation for the crazy that is there on the inside.

Do you remain calm in the storm?
Do you know the storm inside yourself as well?